instructional Definition

  • 1relating to the teaching of a particular subject or skill
  • 2providing useful information or knowledge

Using instructional: Examples

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    The instructional materials were well-designed and easy to follow.

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    The course provides instructional videos for each lesson.

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    The book offers instructional tips for improving your writing skills.

instructional Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for instructional

Phrases with instructional

  • the process of creating educational or training materials and experiences in a systematic and efficient manner


    The company hired an instructional designer to create their new employee training program.

  • the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning


    The school district invested in new instructional technology to improve student engagement and achievement.

  • a teacher or mentor who works with other teachers to improve their instructional practices


    The school hired an instructional coach to help teachers implement new teaching strategies.


Summary: instructional in Brief

The term 'instructional' [ɪnˈstrʌkʃənl] refers to something that relates to teaching a particular subject or skill, or providing useful information or knowledge. It is often used to describe materials or resources designed to facilitate learning, such as 'The instructional materials were well-designed and easy to follow.' 'Instructional' can also be used in phrases like 'instructional design' and 'instructional technology,' which refer to the creation and use of educational materials and technology.

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