intact Definition

not damaged, broken, or impaired; complete or whole.

Using intact: Examples

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  • Example

    The building survived the earthquake almost intact.

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    The vase remained intact despite being dropped.

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    The team kept their winning streak intact with another victory.

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    The evidence was found intact at the crime scene.

intact Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with intact

  • to preserve or maintain something in its original state


    It's important to keep the historical artifacts intact for future generations.

  • to not change or damage something


    The new policy will leave the existing regulations intact.

  • a family unit consisting of both parents and their children living together


    The study found that children from intact families tend to perform better academically.

Origins of intact

from Latin 'intactus', meaning 'untouched'


Summary: intact in Brief

The term 'intact' [ɪnˈtækt] refers to something that is not damaged, broken, or impaired, and is complete or whole. Examples include surviving an event without damage, keeping something in its original state, and maintaining a winning streak. It can also refer to a family unit consisting of both parents and their children living together.

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