intensified Definition

  • 1made or become more intense
  • 2increased in degree or strength

Using intensified: Examples

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    The storm intensified as it moved closer to the coast.

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    The conflict between the two countries has intensified in recent months.

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    The company's efforts to improve customer service have intensified.

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Summary: intensified in Brief

The verb 'intensified' [ɪnˈtɛnsɪfaɪd] means to make something more intense or increase its degree or strength. It is often used to describe the escalation of a situation or the amplification of an effort, as in 'The storm intensified as it moved closer to the coast.' Synonyms include 'heightened,' 'escalated,' and 'amplified,' while antonyms include 'reduced,' 'lessened,' and 'weakened.'

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