heightened Definition

  • 1made stronger or more intense
  • 2increased in amount or degree

Using heightened: Examples

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  • Example

    The heightened security measures were put in place after the terrorist threat.

  • Example

    The heightened emotions of the crowd were palpable during the concert.

  • Example

    The heightened interest in the topic led to a surge in sales of related books.

  • Example

    The heightened awareness of environmental issues has led to more people adopting eco-friendly practices.

heightened Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for heightened

Phrases with heightened

  • an increased or intensified ability to perceive or understand something


    After the accident, she had a heightened sense of danger on the road.

  • a more intense or rigorous examination or evaluation of something


    The company's financial records were subjected to heightened scrutiny after allegations of fraud.

  • a condition of increased alertness or readiness


    The soldiers were in a heightened state of readiness as they prepared for the mission.


Summary: heightened in Brief

The term 'heightened' [ˈhaɪtnd] refers to something that has been made stronger, more intense, or increased in amount or degree. It can describe anything from emotions to security measures, as in 'The heightened emotions of the crowd were palpable during the concert.' 'Heightened' can also be used in phrases like 'heightened sense,' indicating an increased ability to perceive or understand something.