scrutiny Definition

  • 1critical observation or examination
  • 2intense surveillance or investigation

Using scrutiny: Examples

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  • Example

    The company's finances were under scrutiny by the auditors.

  • Example

    The politician's past came under scrutiny during the election campaign.

  • Example

    The police kept the suspect under scrutiny for weeks before making an arrest.

scrutiny Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with scrutiny

  • being watched or examined very carefully


    The new product is under close scrutiny by the quality control team.

  • being examined or investigated


    The candidate's qualifications were subject to scrutiny by the hiring committee.

  • scrutiny of documents

    a careful and thorough examination of written materials


    The legal team conducted a scrutiny of the documents to find evidence to support their case.

Origins of scrutiny

from Latin 'scrutinium', meaning 'examination'


Summary: scrutiny in Brief

The term 'scrutiny' [ˈskruːtəni] refers to critical observation or examination, often involving intense surveillance or investigation. It is used in contexts such as auditing, politics, and law enforcement, exemplified by 'The company's finances were under scrutiny by the auditors.' 'Scrutiny' extends into phrases like 'under close scrutiny,' denoting careful watching, and 'scrutiny of documents,' implying a thorough examination.

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