close Definition

  • 1to shut something, or to become shut
  • 2near in space or time
  • 3having a strong emotional connection or relationship with someone

Using close: Examples

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  • Example

    Can you close the door, please?

  • Example

    The store is about to close.

  • Example

    We have a close relationship with our neighbors.

  • Example

    She is a close friend of mine.

close Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for close

Phrases with close

  • a situation where something almost goes wrong or fails


    It was a close call, but we made it to the airport just in time for our flight.

  • to come together and support each other, especially in a difficult situation


    After the company's financial scandal, the employees closed ranks to protect their jobs.

  • something that is emotionally or personally relevant or affecting


    The movie's theme hit close to home for many viewers who had experienced similar situations.

Origins of close

from Old English 'clōsian', meaning 'to shut'


Summary: close in Brief

The term 'close' [kloʊs] can be used as a verb or adjective. As a verb, it means to shut something or to become shut. As an adjective, it refers to being near in space or time or having a strong emotional connection or relationship with someone. Examples include 'Can you close the door, please?' and 'She is a close friend of mine.' Phrases like 'close call' and 'close ranks' add nuance to the term.

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