shut Definition

  • 1to close something, especially a door or window, or to become closed
  • 2to stop operating or functioning
  • 3to confine or imprison someone or something

Using shut: Examples

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  • Example

    Please shut the door when you leave.

  • Example

    The store shuts at 9 pm.

  • Example

    The government has shut down several illegal businesses.

  • Example

    The police shut him up in a cell for the night.

shut Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with shut

  • shut up

    to stop talking or to make someone stop talking


    I wish he would shut up and let me concentrate.

  • to prevent someone or something from entering or being included


    She felt shut out of the conversation.

  • to stop operating or functioning


    The factory was shut down due to safety concerns.


Summary: shut in Brief

The verb 'shut' [ʃʌt] means to close something, stop operating, or confine someone or something. It can refer to doors, windows, businesses, or people. Phrases like 'shut up' and 'shut out' denote stopping speech or preventing inclusion, while 'shut down' refers to stopping operation.

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