ranks Definition

a number of persons forming a separate class in a social hierarchy or in any graded body.

Using ranks: Examples

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    He rose through the ranks to become CEO.

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    The military has a strict rank structure.

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    She is high up in the academic ranks.

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    The company's management ranks are undergoing restructuring.

ranks Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with ranks

  • to deviate from a group or organization, especially in order to pursue one's own interests


    The politician broke ranks with his party on the issue of climate change.

  • to come together and support each other in a time of crisis or challenge


    After the scandal, the company's employees closed ranks to restore the public's trust.

  • to use one's position or authority to gain an advantage over others


    The boss pulled rank and gave himself the best office in the building.


Summary: ranks in Brief

The term 'ranks' [raŋks] refers to a group of people forming a separate class within a social hierarchy or graded body. It can be used to describe the hierarchical structure of organizations, such as the military or a company, as well as academic or social groups. Phrases like 'break ranks' and 'pull rank' denote deviation from or use of authority, while 'close ranks' implies unity in times of crisis.