international Definition

  • 1existing, occurring, or carried on between two or more nations
  • 2pertaining to the relations between nations
  • 3extending across national boundaries

Using international: Examples

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    The company has an international presence.

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    The conference attracted international attention.

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    International law governs relations between countries.

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    She is an expert in international trade.

international Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for international

Idioms Using international

  • to expand a business or activity beyond national borders


    The company is planning to go international next year.

  • an event or situation that causes tension or conflict between two or more countries


    The border dispute almost led to an international incident.

  • international relations

    the study of the relationships between countries, including diplomacy, trade, and war


    He majored in international relations in college.

Phrases with international

  • the areas of the sea that are not under the jurisdiction of any country


    The ship was seized by pirates in international waters.

  • the group of countries considered as a whole in their relationships with one another


    The international community condemned the use of chemical weapons.

  • a style of cooking that combines elements of different culinary traditions from around the world


    The restaurant offers a wide range of international cuisine.

Origins of international

from Latin 'internationālis', from 'inter-' meaning 'between' and 'nātiōnālis' meaning 'national'


Summary: international in Brief

The term 'international' [ˌɪntərˈnæʃənəl] refers to anything that involves two or more nations, such as trade, law, or relations. It can also describe something that extends across national boundaries, like a company or organization. Examples include 'The conference attracted international attention.' and 'She is an expert in international trade.' Phrases like 'international waters' and idioms like 'go international' add nuance to the term.

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