intimacy Definition

  • 1a close familiarity or friendship; closeness
  • 2a private cozy atmosphere, especially that of a small room

Using intimacy: Examples

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    The intimacy between the two friends was evident in their conversations.

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    The couple's intimacy was disrupted by the arrival of their children.

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    The small restaurant had an intimate atmosphere.

intimacy Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for intimacy

Phrases with intimacy

  • emotional intimacy

    the closeness and connection between two people based on emotional sharing and vulnerability


    Their emotional intimacy allowed them to support each other through difficult times.

  • the closeness and connection between two people based on physical touch and sexual activity


    Physical intimacy is an important aspect of romantic relationships.

  • intimacy issues

    difficulties or challenges in developing or maintaining close relationships with others


    Her intimacy issues made it hard for her to trust others and form deep connections.

Origins of intimacy

from Latin 'intimus', meaning 'inmost'


Summary: intimacy in Brief

Intimacy [ˈɪntɪməsi] refers to close familiarity or friendship, as well as a private and cozy atmosphere. It can be emotional or physical, as in 'emotional intimacy' or 'physical intimacy.' 'Intimacy issues' refer to difficulties in forming close relationships. Synonyms include 'closeness,' 'familiarity,' and 'affinity.'

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