intractable Definition

  • 1difficult to manage, deal with, or change because of being stubborn or unwilling to compromise
  • 2difficult to treat or cure medically

Using intractable: Examples

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  • Example

    The intractable child refused to do his homework.

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    The conflict between the two countries seems intractable.

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    The disease proved to be intractable to all known treatments.

intractable Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with intractable

  • severe and persistent pain that is difficult to manage or alleviate


    The patient's intractable pain required a high dose of painkillers.

  • a problem that is difficult to solve or deal with


    The company's financial losses were an intractable problem for the management.

  • a type of epilepsy that is difficult to control with medication


    The patient's intractable epilepsy required surgery to remove the affected brain tissue.

Origins of intractable

from Latin 'intractabilis', meaning 'not manageable'


Summary: intractable in Brief

The term 'intractable' [ɪnˈtræktəbl] describes something that is difficult to manage, deal with, or change due to stubbornness or resistance. It can refer to people, problems, or medical conditions, such as 'The intractable child refused to do his homework.' 'Intractable' is often used in phrases like 'intractable pain' or 'intractable problem,' indicating severity and difficulty. Antonyms include 'manageable' and 'compliant.'