invincible Definition

  • 1too powerful to be defeated or overcome
  • 2incapable of being conquered

Using invincible: Examples

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    The team was considered invincible after winning the championship three years in a row.

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    Despite facing many challenges, her spirit remained invincible.

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    The fortress was thought to be invincible, but it fell to the enemy's siege.

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    His determination made him feel invincible.

invincible Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with invincible

  • a lack of knowledge or understanding that cannot be removed by any amount of evidence or reasoning


    He refused to believe in climate change, displaying an invincible ignorance on the subject.

  • a military force that is too strong to be defeated


    The general boasted of his invincible army, but they were eventually defeated in battle.

  • an athlete or team that has never been defeated in their sport


    The boxer was an invincible champion for many years until he was finally beaten.

Origins of invincible

from Latin 'invincibilis', from in- 'not' + vincere 'conquer'


Summary: invincible in Brief

The term 'invincible' [ɪnˈvɪnsəbl] describes something that is too powerful to be defeated or overcome, such as a sports team or a person's spirit. It can also refer to a lack of knowledge or understanding that cannot be removed by evidence or reasoning, as in 'invincible ignorance.' Synonyms include 'unbeatable,' 'unconquerable,' and 'indomitable.'

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