invitation Definition

  • 1a written or spoken request to someone to do something or to go somewhere
  • 2the act of inviting someone

Using invitation: Examples

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  • Example

    I received an invitation to the wedding.

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    She extended an invitation to join her for dinner.

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    The company sent out invitations to the product launch event.

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    The invitation was declined due to prior commitments.

invitation Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using invitation

  • send out invitations

    to invite people to an event by sending them a written or printed request


    We need to send out invitations for the party soon.

  • to accept an invitation


    I decided to take up the invitation to visit my friend in another city.

  • an expression of willingness to negotiate or make a contract


    The advertisement was an invitation to treat, not an offer to sell.

Phrases with invitation

  • an invitation that is not limited to a specific group of people and is open to anyone who wants to attend


    The charity event is an open invitation to all members of the community.

  • invitation-only

    an event or gathering that is only open to those who have been invited


    The gala is invitation-only and requires a formal dress code.

  • to agree to attend an event or do something that someone has invited you to do


    I accepted the invitation to speak at the conference.

Origins of invitation

from Latin 'invitatio', meaning 'invitation, summons'


Summary: invitation in Brief

An 'invitation' [ˌɪnvɪˈteɪʃən] is a request, either written or spoken, to do something or go somewhere. It can be extended to individuals or groups and can be accepted or declined. Examples include 'I received an invitation to the wedding' and 'She extended an invitation to join her for dinner.' The term also encompasses phrases like 'open invitation,' which is open to anyone, and idioms like 'send out invitations,' which means to invite people by sending them a written request.

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