invoice Definition

a list of goods sent or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for these; a bill.

Using invoice: Examples

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    Please send me an invoice for the work you have done.

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    The invoice was paid on time.

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    The company issued an invoice for the goods delivered.

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    The invoice amount is due in 30 days.

invoice Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for invoice

Phrases with invoice

  • an estimated invoice sent to a buyer in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods


    The seller sent a pro forma invoice to the buyer to confirm the order details.

  • an invoice used in foreign trade that includes information about the goods being shipped, the country of origin, and the parties involved


    The commercial invoice must be presented to customs officials before the goods can be imported.

  • an invoice that includes the amount of tax charged on the goods or services provided


    The tax invoice shows the total amount payable, including the GST.

Origins of invoice

from Old French 'envois', meaning 'dispatch'


Summary: invoice in Brief

An 'invoice' [ˈɪnvɔɪs] is a document that lists goods or services provided, along with the amount due for them. It is commonly used in business transactions and may include details such as payment terms and due dates. Examples of 'invoice' usage include 'Please send me an invoice for the work you have done.' and 'The invoice amount is due in 30 days.'