irreparable Definition

impossible to rectify or repair; irreversible.

Using irreparable: Examples

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    The damage to the painting was irreparable.

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    The loss of his trust was an irreparable blow to their relationship.

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    The company suffered irreparable damage to its reputation.

irreparable Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with irreparable

  • damage that cannot be undone or compensated for


    The oil spill caused irreparable harm to the ecosystem.

  • a loss that cannot be recovered or replaced


    The death of her husband was an irreparable loss.

  • damage that cannot be repaired or restored


    The fire caused irreparable damage to the historic building.

Origins of irreparable

from Old French 'irreparable', from Latin 'irreparabilis', from in- 'not' + reparabilis 'able to be repaired'


Summary: irreparable in Brief

The term 'irreparable' [ɪˈrɛp(ə)rəb(ə)l] describes something that is impossible to rectify, repair, or reverse. It is often used to describe damage, loss, or harm that cannot be undone or compensated for, as in 'The damage to the painting was irreparable.' 'Irreparable' has synonyms like 'irreversible' and 'irremediable,' and antonyms like 'reparable' and 'fixable.'