jacket Definition

a short coat, typically extending to the hips.

Using jacket: Examples

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    He wore a leather jacket over his shirt.

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    She put on her jacket and left the house.

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    I need to buy a new winter jacket.

jacket Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for jacket

Phrases with jacket

  • a garment with long sleeves that is used to restrain a violent or insane person


    The patient was put in a straight jacket to prevent him from hurting himself.

  • a sleeveless buoyant or inflatable jacket for keeping a person afloat in water


    Make sure you wear a life jacket when you go boating.

  • a baked potato served with a filling such as cheese, beans, or tuna


    I ordered a jacket potato with cheese and bacon for lunch.


Summary: jacket in Brief

A 'jacket' [ˈdʒækɪt] is a short coat that extends to the hips. It is commonly worn as an outer layer of clothing and can be made from various materials. Examples include 'He wore a leather jacket over his shirt.' and 'I need to buy a new winter jacket.' Other variations include 'straight jacket,' a garment used to restrain a violent or insane person, 'life jacket,' a buoyant jacket for staying afloat in water, and 'jacket potato,' a baked potato with a filling.

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