javelin Definition

a light spear thrown in a competitive sport or as a weapon.

Using javelin: Examples

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    He won the gold medal in javelin at the Olympics.

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    The ancient Greeks used javelins in warfare.

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    She threw the javelin over 60 meters in the competition.

javelin Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for javelin

Phrases with javelin

  • to compete in the sport of throwing a javelin for distance


    He trained hard to throw the javelin farther than his competitors.

  • javelin thrower

    a person who competes in the sport of throwing a javelin for distance


    She is a talented javelin thrower and has won many competitions.

  • a game where two people throw a javelin back and forth, trying to catch it without dropping it


    Javelin catching is a popular game in some parts of the world.


Summary: javelin in Brief

A 'javelin' [ˈdʒævəlɪn] is a light spear used in competitive sports or as a weapon. It is commonly used in the sport of javelin throwing, where athletes compete to throw it the farthest distance. The term extends to phrases like 'throw the javelin' and 'javelin thrower,' and even to games like 'javelin catching.'