jewish Definition

  • 1relating to or characteristic of Jews or Judaism
  • 2informal term for stingy or miserly

Using jewish: Examples

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    She is of Jewish descent.

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    The Jewish community in the city is very active.

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    The Jewish holiday of Passover is coming up soon.

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    He is known for his Jewish humor.

jewish Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for jewish

Phrases with jewish

  • a stereotype of a domineering, overprotective, and overly-involved mother


    My Jewish mother always nags me about getting married.

  • chicken soup, believed by some to have healing properties


    Whenever I'm sick, my Jewish grandmother makes me a big pot of Jewish penicillin.

  • slang term for arson, often used in an anti-Semitic context


    The insurance company suspected that the fire was caused by Jewish lightning.

Origins of jewish

from Old French 'giu', from Latin 'Iudaeus', from Greek 'Ioudaios', from Hebrew 'Yəhūdhī'


Summary: jewish in Brief

The term 'Jewish' [ˈdʒuːɪʃ] refers to anything related to Jews or Judaism. It can describe people, culture, religion, and language. The term also has an informal meaning of being stingy or miserly. Examples of its use include 'She is of Jewish descent,' 'The Jewish holiday of Passover is coming up soon,' and 'He is known for his Jewish humor.' Phrases like 'Jewish mother' and 'Jewish penicillin' are also commonly used.

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