jumbled Definition

  • 1mixed up in a confused or disordered way
  • 2incoherent or unintelligible

Using jumbled: Examples

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  • Example

    The letters were all jumbled up.

  • Example

    Her thoughts were jumbled and unclear.

  • Example

    The instructions were so jumbled that I couldn't understand them.

jumbled Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with jumbled

  • a chaotic and disordered situation or thing


    The room was a jumbled mess of clothes and books.

  • words that are mixed up or disordered, making them difficult to read or understand


    The child struggled to read the jumbled words on the page.

  • jumbled thoughts

    thoughts that are confused or disordered, making them difficult to express or understand


    Her jumbled thoughts made it hard for her to explain what she was feeling.


Summary: jumbled in Brief

'Jumbled' [ˈdʒʌmbəld] means mixed up in a confused or disordered way, often leading to incoherence or unintelligibility. It can describe physical objects like 'The letters were all jumbled up,' or abstract concepts like 'Her thoughts were jumbled and unclear.' 'Jumbled' is often used with phrases like 'jumbled mess' to describe chaotic situations.