kinsfolk Definition

one's relatives; family.

Using kinsfolk: Examples

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    She invited all her kinsfolk to the wedding.

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    He was happy to see his kinsfolk after so many years.

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    The tradition is passed down from generation to generation among kinsfolk.

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    They were a close-knit group of kinsfolk.

kinsfolk Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for kinsfolk

Phrases with kinsfolk

  • blood kinsfolk

    relatives by birth or blood


    The inheritance was divided among his blood kinsfolk.

  • relatives who are not closely related


    He had never met his distant kinsfolk before.

  • a gathering of family members


    The kinsfolk reunion was held at the park this year.


Summary: kinsfolk in Brief

'Kinsfolk' [kinz-fohk] refers to one's relatives or family. It can be used to describe a group of people who are related by blood or marriage, and can be extended to include distant relatives. Examples include 'She invited all her kinsfolk to the wedding,' and 'They were a close-knit group of kinsfolk.' Phrases like 'blood kinsfolk' and 'distant kinsfolk' further specify the relationship, while 'kinsfolk reunion' denotes a gathering of family members.