lavishly Definition

  • 1in a way that is richly abundant or extravagant
  • 2in a way that is characterized by luxury or excess

Using lavishly: Examples

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  • Example

    The wedding was lavishly decorated with flowers and lights.

  • Example

    She was dressed lavishly in a designer gown.

  • Example

    The hotel room was lavishly furnished with expensive furniture.

lavishly Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for lavishly

Phrases with lavishly

  • to live in a luxurious and extravagant manner


    After winning the lottery, he started to live lavishly, buying expensive cars and houses.

  • to give high praise or compliments in an abundant or excessive way


    The coach lavished praise on the team for their hard work and dedication.

  • a lifestyle characterized by luxury and excess


    The celebrity's lavish lifestyle included private jets and yachts.


Summary: lavishly in Brief

The term 'lavishly' [ˈlævɪʃli] refers to doing something in a richly abundant or extravagant way, often characterized by luxury or excess. It can be used to describe anything from decorations to clothing to furnishings. Examples include 'The wedding was lavishly decorated with flowers and lights.' and 'She was dressed lavishly in a designer gown.' Phrases like 'live lavishly' and 'lavish praise' are also common.