lesson Definition

  • 1an amount of teaching given at one time; a period of learning or teaching
  • 2a thing learned or to be learned by a student

Using lesson: Examples

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    I have a piano lesson every Tuesday.

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    The teacher gave us a lesson on ancient history.

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    The accident was a hard lesson for him.

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    She learned her lesson and never did it again.

lesson Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for lesson

Idioms Using lesson

  • learn one's lesson

    to learn from a mistake and not repeat it


    After getting a speeding ticket, she learned her lesson and never drove over the speed limit again.

  • an acknowledgement of a mistake made and a commitment to not repeat it


    After failing the exam, he realized he needed to study more. Lesson learned.

  • to scold or reprimand someone for their behavior


    The boss read the employee a lesson for coming in late to work.

Phrases with lesson

  • a piece of wisdom or knowledge that is gained through experience and can be applied to future situations


    After losing his job, he learned the life lesson that you should always have a backup plan.

  • take lessons

    to receive instruction in a particular subject or skill


    She takes guitar lessons every Saturday.

  • to punish someone in order to make them realize their mistake


    The coach benched the star player to teach him a lesson about teamwork.

Origins of lesson

from Old English 'lesnian', meaning 'to teach'


Summary: lesson in Brief

The term 'lesson' [ˈlɛsn̩] refers to a period of teaching or learning, or the knowledge gained from it. It can refer to a specific class or session, as in 'I have a piano lesson every Tuesday,' or to a broader concept, as in 'The accident was a hard lesson for him.' 'Lesson' extends into phrases like 'life lesson,' and idioms like 'learn one's lesson,' denoting the acquisition of wisdom or knowledge.

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