libertarian Definition

  • 1someone who believes in the principles of individual freedom and that people should be allowed to act as they choose, without being controlled or limited by a government or any other authority
  • 2relating to or supporting the principles of libertarianism

Using libertarian: Examples

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    He is a libertarian who believes in small government.

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    The party's platform is based on libertarian principles.

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    Libertarianism emphasizes individual rights and freedoms.

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    She has a libertarian view on social issues.

libertarian Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with libertarian

  • a political philosophy that advocates for a non-hierarchical, non-bureaucratic society without private property in the means of production


    Libertarian socialism is often associated with anarchism.

  • a political philosophy that combines conservative and libertarian ideas, emphasizing individual freedom and limited government intervention in the economy


    Libertarian conservatism is often associated with the Republican Party in the United States.

  • left-libertarianism

    a political philosophy that combines left-wing views on social justice and egalitarianism with libertarian economic principles


    Left-libertarianism emphasizes the need for social equality and individual freedom.

Origins of libertarian

from French 'libertaire' and Latin 'libertarius', meaning 'freedman'


Summary: libertarian in Brief

The term 'libertarian' [ˌlɪb.əˈteə.ri.ən] refers to someone who believes in individual freedom and opposes government control. It can also describe political philosophies that emphasize individual rights and limited government intervention. Examples include 'He is a libertarian who believes in small government.' and 'Libertarianism emphasizes individual rights and freedoms.' The term extends into phrases like 'libertarian socialism,' which advocates for a non-hierarchical society without private property.