limitation Definition

  • 1a restriction or weakness
  • 2the act of controlling or reducing something

Using limitation: Examples

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    One limitation of the study is its small sample size.

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    The company has imposed limitations on spending.

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    The limitation of his knowledge in this field is evident.

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    The limitation of the speed limit is to ensure safety.

limitation Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for limitation

Idioms Using limitation

  • have one's limitations

    to have weaknesses or shortcomings


    Although he is a talented musician, he has his limitations when it comes to composing.

  • push the limitations

    to test or challenge the boundaries of what is possible or acceptable


    The artist's work pushes the limitations of traditional painting techniques.

  • within the limitations of something

    to operate within the constraints or restrictions of a particular situation or condition


    The team worked within the limitations of their budget to complete the project.

Phrases with limitation

  • self-limitation

    the act of setting limits on oneself, often for personal growth or improvement


    Her self-limitation on sweets helped her lose weight.

  • a legal provision that limits the amount of damages that can be awarded in a lawsuit


    The contract included a limitation of liability clause to protect the company from excessive damages.

  • a restriction on the amount of time allowed for a particular activity or process


    The time limitation for submitting the application is two weeks.

Origins of limitation

from Latin 'limitatio', meaning 'a bounding, a limiting'


Summary: limitation in Brief

The term 'limitation' [ˌlɪmɪˈteɪʃn] refers to a restriction or weakness, as well as the act of controlling or reducing something. It can refer to personal growth, as in 'self-limitation,' or legal provisions, as in 'limitation of liability.' Idioms like 'have one's limitations' and 'push the limitations' describe the boundaries of what is possible or acceptable. 'Limitation' is often used in formal contexts, such as 'One limitation of the study is its small sample size.'

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