limiting Definition

  • 1restricting or confining something to a particular boundary or limit
  • 2preventing someone or something from achieving their full potential

Using limiting: Examples

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    The limiting factor in the experiment was the lack of funding.

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    Her fear of failure is limiting her ability to take risks.

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    The company's outdated technology is limiting its growth potential.

limiting Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with limiting

  • self-limiting

    having a tendency to resolve without treatment or intervention


    Most cases of the common cold are self-limiting and do not require medical attention.

  • limiting belief

    a belief that constrains or restricts a person's potential or actions


    Her limiting belief that she is not good enough has held her back from pursuing her dreams.

  • a factor that restricts or constrains the growth, abundance, or distribution of a population or organism


    The limiting factor for the growth of this plant is the amount of sunlight it receives.


Summary: limiting in Brief

The term 'limiting' [ˈlɪmɪtɪŋ] refers to something that restricts or confines to a particular boundary or limit, or prevents someone or something from achieving their full potential. It can be used to describe physical or abstract concepts, such as 'The limiting factor in the experiment was the lack of funding.' 'Limiting' extends into phrases like 'self-limiting,' which describes a condition that resolves without treatment, and 'limiting belief,' which refers to a belief that constrains a person's potential.

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