listless Definition

having or showing little or no interest in anything; lacking energy or enthusiasm.

Using listless: Examples

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    She felt listless and tired after a long day at work.

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    The hot weather made him feel listless and unmotivated.

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    The team's performance was listless and uninspired.

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    He gave a listless wave of his hand.

listless Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using listless

  • a performance that lacks energy, enthusiasm, or engagement


    The band's concert was a listless performance, with the musicians seeming bored and disinterested.

  • a day that feels slow, unproductive, or lacking in energy


    After staying up late the night before, she had a listless day at work, struggling to stay focused and motivated.

  • a summer that feels dull, uneventful, or lacking in excitement


    Without any travel plans or activities to look forward to, it was shaping up to be a listless summer.

Phrases with listless

  • an economy that is stagnant or sluggish, with low levels of growth and activity


    The country's listless economy has led to high levels of unemployment.

  • a state of low mood and energy, often accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness


    She was diagnosed with listless depression and prescribed medication.

  • a feeling of acceptance or surrender to a situation, often accompanied by a lack of motivation or enthusiasm


    He faced the news of his layoff with listless resignation, feeling powerless to change the situation.

Origins of listless

from Middle English 'listeles', meaning 'idle'


Summary: listless in Brief

The term 'listless' [ˈlɪstləs] describes a lack of interest or energy, often accompanied by feelings of apathy or indifference. It can refer to people, as in 'She felt listless and tired after a long day at work,' or to things like economies, as in 'The country's listless economy has led to high levels of unemployment.' Idioms like 'a listless performance' and 'a listless summer' extend the concept to specific contexts, while synonyms like 'lethargic' and 'apathetic' offer more formal alternatives.