loving Definition

  • 1feeling or showing love or great care
  • 2expressing love or affection

Using loving: Examples

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  • Example

    She has a loving family who supports her.

  • Example

    He gave her a loving hug before leaving.

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    The couple exchanged loving glances throughout the night.

loving Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for loving

Phrases with loving

  • loving-kindness

    a Buddhist concept of unconditional love and kindness towards all beings


    Meditation on loving-kindness is a common practice in Buddhism.

  • a large drinking cup, often with two handles, that is passed around a group for each person to take a drink


    The winning team celebrated their victory by passing around a loving cup.

  • care that is given with love and affection


    The elderly residents of the nursing home received loving care from the staff.


Summary: loving in Brief

The term 'loving' [ˈlʌvɪŋ] describes feelings or actions that express love or great care. It can refer to people, such as 'She has a loving family who supports her,' or actions, such as 'He gave her a loving hug before leaving.' 'Loving' extends into phrases like 'loving-kindness,' a Buddhist concept of unconditional love, and 'loving care,' which describes care given with love and affection.