magnate Definition

a wealthy and influential person, especially in business.

Using magnate: Examples

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    He was a powerful media magnate.

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    The city's real estate magnates control most of the property.

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    She married a shipping magnate and inherited his fortune.

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    The oil magnate was one of the richest men in the world.

magnate Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for magnate

Idioms Using magnate

  • a person who is very successful at making money


    He became a money magnate by investing wisely and taking calculated risks.

  • a person who has great influence and power in politics


    The political magnate used his connections to secure a high-ranking government position.

  • a person who owns or controls a professional sports team or league


    The sports magnate invested millions of dollars in his team to make them champions.

Phrases with magnate

  • a person who owns or controls a large number of media outlets, such as newspapers, television stations, or websites


    The media magnate used his power to influence public opinion.

  • a person who owns or operates a fleet of ships for commercial purposes


    The shipping magnate made a fortune transporting goods across the ocean.

  • a person who has achieved great success and wealth through business ventures in manufacturing, production, or other industrial sectors


    The industrial magnate built a vast empire through his steel and railroad companies.

Origins of magnate

from late Middle English 'magnates', from Latin 'magnates', plural of 'magnas' meaning 'great man'


Summary: magnate in Brief

'Magnate' [ˈmæɡneɪt] refers to a wealthy and influential person, particularly in business. Examples include media magnates, shipping magnates, and industrial magnates. Idioms like 'a money magnate' and 'a political magnate' extend the term to other domains of influence. Synonyms include 'tycoon,' 'baron,' and 'mogul.'