maker Definition

a person or company that makes or produces something, especially on a large scale.

Using maker: Examples

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    The car maker has announced a new model for next year.

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    She is a furniture maker who specializes in custom designs.

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    The toy maker has recalled several products due to safety concerns.

maker Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with maker

  • a person who has the power or authority to make decisions


    As the CEO, he is the ultimate decision maker in the company.

  • a person who tries to arrange marriages or romantic relationships between people


    She played matchmaker for her two single friends and they ended up getting married.

  • a business or activity that generates a lot of profit


    Real estate has been a great money maker for him over the years.


Summary: maker in Brief

The term 'maker' [ˈmeɪkər] refers to a person or company that produces something, often on a large scale. It can refer to various industries, such as car makers, furniture makers, and toy makers. 'Maker' also extends into phrases like 'decision maker,' referring to someone with the power to make decisions, and 'money maker,' referring to a profitable business or activity.

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