marginality Definition

  • 1the state or condition of being on the edge or fringe of a group or society
  • 2the quality of being not important or significant

Using marginality: Examples

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    The marginality of the community made it difficult for them to access resources.

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    The artist's work was initially dismissed due to its marginality in the art world.

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    The company's decision to cut funding for the project reflects its perceived marginality within the organization.

marginality Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with marginality

  • a psychological state where an individual feels excluded or inferior due to their position on the margins of society


    Growing up in poverty can lead to a marginality complex in some individuals.

  • marginalized group

    a group of people who are excluded from mainstream society due to their race, gender, sexuality, or other factors


    The LGBTQ+ community has historically been a marginalized group in many societies.

  • marginalized community

    a community that is excluded from mainstream society due to factors such as poverty, discrimination, or lack of resources


    The government's policies have led to the marginalization of many rural communities.


Summary: marginality in Brief

Marginality [mɑːdʒɪˈnæləti] refers to the state of being on the edge or fringe of a group or society, often resulting in exclusion or inferiority. It can also denote a lack of importance or significance. Examples include the marginality of a community making it difficult for them to access resources and the marginality of an artist's work in the art world. Phrases like 'marginality complex' describe a psychological state of feeling inferior, while 'marginalized group' and 'marginalized community' refer to groups excluded from mainstream society.