mask Definition

  • 1a covering for all or part of the face that protects, hides, or decorates the person wearing it
  • 2something that hides or disguises the true nature of something
  • 3a way of behaving that is not sincere or honest

Using mask: Examples

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  • Example

    She wore a mask to protect herself from the dust.

  • Example

    The robbers were wearing masks to hide their faces.

  • Example

    He put on a mask of indifference to hide his true feelings.

  • Example

    The politician's promises were just a mask for his true intentions.

mask Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using mask

  • hidden or concealed by a false appearance


    Behind the mask of politeness, he was seething with anger.

  • put a new face/mask on something

    to change the appearance or nature of something


    The company decided to put a new face on their product by redesigning the packaging.

  • face/mask the music

    to accept the unpleasant consequences of one's actions


    After getting caught cheating, he had to face the music and accept the punishment.

Phrases with mask

  • put on a brave face/mask

    to try to appear brave and cheerful when one is feeling scared or upset


    Even though she was nervous about the surgery, she put on a brave face for her family.

  • to reveal one's true self or intentions


    It's time for you to take off the mask and show us who you really are.

  • a type of adhesive tape used to cover or protect surfaces


    I used masking tape to protect the edges while I painted the walls.

Origins of mask

from Middle French 'masque', from Italian 'maschera', from Medieval Latin 'masca', meaning 'witch' or 'specter'


Summary: mask in Brief

A 'mask' [mæsk] is a covering for the face that can protect, hide, or decorate the wearer. It can also refer to something that disguises or conceals the true nature of something, such as a politician's promises. Phrases like 'put on a brave face' and 'take off the mask' describe ways of behaving or revealing one's true self. 'Masking tape' is a type of adhesive tape used to cover surfaces.

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