meadow Definition

a field with grass and often wild flowers in it.

Using meadow: Examples

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    The cows were grazing in the meadow.

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    We had a picnic in the meadow.

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    The meadow was covered in daisies.

meadow Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for meadow

Phrases with meadow

  • meadow grass

    the grass that grows in a meadow


    The horses love to eat the sweet meadow grass.

  • the wildflowers that grow in a meadow


    The meadow flowers attract many bees and butterflies.

  • a type of meadow found in high altitude mountain regions


    The alpine meadow was covered in snow for most of the year.


Summary: meadow in Brief

A 'meadow' [หˆmษ›dษ™สŠ] is a field covered with grass and often wildflowers. It is a peaceful and natural setting, often used for picnics or grazing animals. Examples include 'The cows were grazing in the meadow' and 'The meadow was covered in daisies.'

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