melodious Definition

  • 1having a pleasant tune or melody
  • 2pleasant-sounding

Using melodious: Examples

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    The bird's song was melodious and soothing.

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    She had a melodious voice that captivated the audience.

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    The orchestra played a melodious symphony.

melodious Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with melodious

  • a pleasant and harmonious sound


    The wind chimes produced a melodious sound in the garden.

  • a voice that is pleasant to listen to because of its tone, pitch, and rhythm


    The singer had a melodious voice that mesmerized the audience.

  • music that has a pleasant and tuneful quality


    The concert featured a range of melodious music from different cultures.


Summary: melodious in Brief

Melodious [məˈləʊdiəs] means having a pleasant tune or melody. It describes sounds that are harmonious and pleasant to listen to, such as a bird's song or a singer's voice. The term can also be used to describe music that has a tuneful quality, as in 'The orchestra played a melodious symphony.'