memorize Definition

to learn something so well that you can remember it perfectly.

Using memorize: Examples

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    She memorized all the state capitals for her geography test.

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    I need to memorize my lines for the play.

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    He spent hours memorizing the periodic table of elements.

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    It's easier to memorize information if you break it down into smaller chunks.

memorize Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for memorize

Phrases with memorize

  • to memorize something by repeating it over and over again without necessarily understanding it


    In some schools, students are required to memorize by rote long passages from classic literature.

  • to commit a poem to memory


    As a child, she loved to memorize poems and recite them to her family.

  • to learn the lyrics and melody of a song so that you can sing it without reading the words or music


    He spent weeks memorizing the lyrics to his favorite song.


Summary: memorize in Brief

To 'memorize' [ˈmeməraɪz] is to learn something so well that you can remember it perfectly. This can be achieved through repetition and breaking down information into smaller chunks. Examples include memorizing state capitals, lines for a play, or the periodic table of elements. Phrases like 'memorize by rote' describe memorizing without necessarily understanding, while 'memorize a poem' or 'memorize a song' refer to committing specific types of content to memory.

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