misdirect Definition

  • 1to give someone incorrect or misleading information or instructions
  • 2to use something in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose

Using misdirect: Examples

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with how "misdirect" can be used in various situations through the following examples!

  • Example

    The teacher misdirected the students by giving them the wrong assignment.

  • Example

    The criminal misdirected the police by planting false evidence.

  • Example

    He misdirected his anger towards his coworkers instead of addressing the real issue.

misdirect Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for misdirect

Phrases with misdirect

  • anger that is directed at the wrong person or thing


    She was upset about her breakup and misdirected her anger towards her friends.

  • effort that is wasted or used in the wrong way


    He spent hours working on the wrong project, a misdirected effort that cost him time and money.

  • a message that is sent to the wrong person or place


    I accidentally sent a misdirected message to my boss instead of my friend.


Summary: misdirect in Brief

To 'misdirect' [ˌmɪsdəˈrekt] means to provide someone with incorrect or misleading information or instructions, or to use something for the wrong purpose. Examples include giving someone the wrong assignment or planting false evidence to throw off the police. Phrases like 'misdirected anger' and 'misdirected effort' describe situations where emotions or actions are directed in the wrong way.