misguidance Definition

  • 1the act of giving someone wrong or inappropriate advice or direction
  • 2the state of being misled or deceived

Using misguidance: Examples

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    The misguidance of the coach led to the team's defeat.

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    The misguidance of the financial advisor resulted in huge losses for the client.

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    The misguidance of the teacher caused confusion among the students.

misguidance Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with misguidance

  • the act of leading young people astray by giving them bad advice or setting a bad example


    The misguidance of youth is a serious concern for parents and educators.

  • the act of causing a miscarriage of justice by providing false information or misleading evidence


    The misguidance of justice can have serious consequences, including wrongful convictions.

  • the act of manipulating public opinion through false or misleading information


    The misguidance of public opinion is a common tactic used by politicians and media outlets.


Summary: misguidance in Brief

Misguidance [mɪsˈɡaɪdəns] refers to giving someone incorrect or inappropriate advice or direction, or leading them astray through deception or misinformation. Examples include the misguidance of a coach leading to a team's defeat, or the misguidance of a teacher causing confusion among students. Phrases like 'misguidance of youth' and 'misguidance of justice' highlight specific contexts where misguidance can have serious consequences.