mismatch Definition

  • 1a failure to correspond or match; a lack of compatibility or similarity between two or more things
  • 2a mistake resulting from a failure to match or correspond

Using mismatch: Examples

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    There was a mismatch between the color of the walls and the furniture.

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    The mismatch between his skills and the job requirements made it difficult for him to perform well.

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    The team's poor performance was due to a mismatch in their playing styles.

mismatch Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with mismatch

  • socks that are not identical in color, pattern, or style


    She wore mismatched socks to show off her quirky personality.

  • a couple that is not considered to be a good match due to differences in personality, interests, or other factors


    Their friends thought they were a mismatched couple because they had very different lifestyles.

  • mismatched expectations

    a situation where two or more people have different expectations or assumptions about something


    The project failed due to mismatched expectations between the team members and the client.

Origins of mismatch

from mis- 'wrongly' + match, early 17th century


Summary: mismatch in Brief

The term 'mismatch' [ˌmɪsˈmætʃ] refers to a lack of correspondence or compatibility between two or more things. It can refer to physical objects, such as 'mismatched socks,' or to more abstract concepts, such as 'mismatched expectations.' 'Mismatch' can also describe a mistake resulting from a failure to match or correspond. Synonyms include 'discrepancy,' 'incompatibility,' and 'conflict.'