moderate Definition

  • 1average in amount, intensity, quality, or degree
  • 2neither too much nor too little
  • 3not extreme

Using moderate: Examples

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    She has a moderate income.

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    The weather is moderate today.

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    He takes a moderate approach to politics.

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    The restaurant has moderate prices.

moderate Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for moderate

Phrases with moderate

  • a climate that is neither too hot nor too cold


    The city has a moderate climate all year round.

  • physical activity that is not too intense or demanding


    Doctors recommend moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

  • drinking alcohol in moderation, which is usually defined as up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men


    Studies have shown that moderate drinking can have health benefits.

Origins of moderate

from Latin 'moderatus', past participle of 'moderare', meaning 'to regulate, mitigate, restrain'


Summary: moderate in Brief

The term 'moderate' [ˈmɑːdərət] refers to something that is average, not extreme, and neither too much nor too little. It can describe anything from income to weather to political views, as in 'He takes a moderate approach to politics.' Phrases like 'moderate climate' and 'moderate exercise' denote a balanced state, while 'moderate drinking' refers to consuming alcohol in moderation.

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