moisten Definition

  • 1make something slightly wet
  • 2become slightly wet

Using moisten: Examples

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  • Example

    Moisten the sponge before cleaning the table.

  • Example

    The grass had been moistened by the morning dew.

  • Example

    She moistened her lips with her tongue before speaking.

moisten Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with moisten

  • to drink something, especially an alcoholic beverage


    After a long day at work, he went to the pub to moisten his whistle.

  • to cry or become teary-eyed


    The touching scene in the movie made her moisten her eyes.

  • to add more money to a pot in a card game


    He decided to moisten the pot by adding another $20.


Summary: moisten in Brief

To 'moisten' [ˈmɔɪs(ə)n] means to make something slightly wet or become slightly wet. It is often used when referring to dampening something before use, as in 'Moisten the sponge before cleaning the table.' The phrase 'moisten one's whistle' refers to drinking something, while 'moisten the eyes' means to cry or become teary-eyed.