monarch Definition

a sovereign head of state, especially a king, queen, or emperor.

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    The British monarch is Queen Elizabeth II.

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    The monarch of ancient Egypt was considered a god.

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    The country transitioned from a monarchy to a republic in the 20th century.

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Idioms Using monarch

  • someone who has complete control over a particular area or situation


    As CEO, he felt like the monarch of all he surveyed.

  • a person who is the most important or successful in a particular area


    He was the monarch of the glen when it came to finance.

  • monarch of the road

    a person who dominates the road while driving


    He thinks he's the monarch of the road, but he's actually a terrible driver.

Phrases with monarch

  • a monarch whose powers are limited by a constitution


    Spain is a constitutional monarchy.

  • a monarch who has complete control over their country and government


    Louis XIV of France was an absolute monarch.

  • a large migratory butterfly with orange and black wings


    The monarch butterfly is known for its long-distance migration.

Origins of monarch

from Greek 'monarkhēs', from 'monos' meaning 'alone' + 'arkhein' meaning 'to rule'


Summary: monarch in Brief

The term 'monarch' [ˈmɑːnək] refers to a sovereign head of state, such as a king, queen, or emperor. It can be used to describe both historical and contemporary figures, as well as constitutional and absolute monarchies. Examples include 'The British monarch is Queen Elizabeth II.' and 'Spain is a constitutional monarchy.' Idioms like 'the monarch of all I survey' and 'monarch of the road' extend the term to metaphorical contexts.

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