morally Definition

  • 1in a way that relates to principles of right and wrong behavior
  • 2in a way that is virtuous or ethical

Using morally: Examples

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  • Example

    He acted morally when he returned the lost wallet to its owner.

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    The company's decision was morally questionable.

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    She was praised for her morally upright character.

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    The book explores the morally complex issues surrounding war.

morally Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with morally

  • lacking moral principles or values


    The politician was accused of being morally bankrupt.

  • having a moral quality that is unclear or undefined


    The movie's ending was morally ambiguous, leaving the audience to decide what was right and wrong.

  • having a higher standard of morality than others


    He always acted as if he was morally superior to everyone else.


Summary: morally in Brief

The adverb 'morally' [ˈmɒrəli] refers to behavior that is right or wrong according to ethical principles. It can describe actions that are virtuous or ethical, such as 'He acted morally when he returned the lost wallet to its owner,' or actions that are questionable, such as 'The company's decision was morally questionable.' The term extends into phrases like 'morally bankrupt,' denoting a lack of moral principles, and 'morally ambiguous,' describing a situation where the moral quality is unclear.

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