mosey Definition

to walk or move in a leisurely or relaxed manner.

Using mosey: Examples

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    Let's mosey on down to the beach.

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    He moseyed over to the bar to order a drink.

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    I'll just mosey along and see what I can find.

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    We decided to mosey around the park for a while.

mosey Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for mosey

Phrases with mosey

  • to leave or depart, often in a casual or unhurried manner


    Well, it's getting late, so I think I'll mosey on home now.

  • mosey up to

    to approach someone or something in a relaxed or casual way


    He moseyed up to the group of strangers and introduced himself.

  • take one's time

    to do something slowly and without rushing


    We can take our time and mosey through the museum at our own pace.


Summary: mosey in Brief

'Mosey' [ˈmoʊzi] is a verb that means to walk or move in a relaxed or unhurried manner. It is often used to describe a leisurely stroll or a casual departure, as in 'Let's mosey on down to the beach.' 'Mosey' can also be used in phrases like 'mosey on' and 'mosey up to,' which denote casual departures and relaxed approaches, respectively.