mundanity Definition

  • 1the quality or state of being mundane; ordinariness
  • 2something that is mundane or ordinary

Using mundanity: Examples

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  • Example

    The mundanity of everyday life can be overwhelming.

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    He was tired of the mundanity of his job.

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    The movie failed to capture the mundanity of small-town living.

mundanity Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for mundanity

Phrases with mundanity

  • a way to break free from the monotony and dullness of everyday life


    Traveling is her escape from mundanity.

  • the idea that evil is often banal and ordinary, rather than dramatic or extraordinary


    Hannah Arendt's book 'Eichmann in Jerusalem' explores the mundanity of evil.

  • the idea that even great achievements or accomplishments can become mundane or routine over time


    The mundanity of greatness is something that many successful people struggle with.


Summary: mundanity in Brief

'Mundanity' [mสŒnหˆdanษ™ti] refers to the quality or state of being mundane or ordinary. It can describe the tedium and monotony of everyday life, as well as something that is unremarkable or commonplace. Examples include 'The mundanity of everyday life can be overwhelming,' and 'He was tired of the mundanity of his job.' Phrases like 'escape from mundanity' suggest ways to break free from this dullness.