myopic Definition

nearsighted; lacking foresight or intellectual insight.

Using myopic: Examples

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    Without corrective lenses, he was too myopic to read the signs.

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    The company's myopic focus on short-term profits led to long-term losses.

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    Her myopic view of the situation prevented her from seeing the bigger picture.

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    The government's myopic policies failed to address the root causes of the problem.

myopic Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with myopic

  • myopic vision

    a narrow or limited view of a situation or problem


    The company's myopic vision prevented it from adapting to changing market conditions.

  • lacking imagination or creativity, and failing to consider the long-term consequences of one's actions


    The government's myopic thinking led to a series of policy failures.

  • leadership that lacks foresight or the ability to anticipate future challenges


    The company's myopic leadership failed to prepare for the changes in the industry.

Origins of myopic

from Greek 'muลps', meaning 'closed eyes'


Summary: myopic in Brief

The term 'myopic' [mahy-op-ik] describes a person or perspective that is shortsighted or lacking in foresight. It can refer to physical nearsightedness or intellectual limitations, as in 'The company's myopic focus on short-term profits led to long-term losses.' 'Myopic' extends into phrases like 'myopic vision,' and formals like 'shortsighted,' and informals like 'tunnel-visioned,' denoting a narrow or limited view.