needlework Definition

decorative sewing or embroidery done by hand.

Using needlework: Examples

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    She enjoys doing needlework in her free time.

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    The dress was adorned with intricate needlework.

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    Her grandmother taught her how to do needlework when she was young.

needlework Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for needlework

Phrases with needlework

  • a set of materials and tools used for doing needlework


    She bought a needlework kit to make a cross-stitch pattern.

  • a piece of needlework that displays different stitches and patterns, often used as a practice piece


    She made a needlework sampler to practice her embroidery skills.

  • a circular frame used to hold fabric taut while doing needlework


    She placed the fabric in the needlework hoop to keep it steady while she embroidered.


Summary: needlework in Brief

Needlework [need-l-wurk] is decorative sewing or embroidery done by hand. It involves creating intricate designs and patterns using a needle and thread. Examples of needlework include embroidery, sewing, and stitching. Needlework can be done using a needlework kit, needlework sampler, or needlework hoop.