neglecting Definition

  • 1fail to care for properly
  • 2fail to do something, especially something that you should do

Using neglecting: Examples

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  • Example

    She was accused of neglecting her children.

  • Example

    He neglected his studies and failed the exam.

  • Example

    The company is neglecting its social responsibilities.

  • Example

    Don't neglect to lock the door before leaving.

neglecting Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for neglecting

Antonyms for neglecting

  • heed
  • attend to
  • care for

Phrases with neglecting

  • neglect one's duty

    fail to fulfill one's obligation or responsibility


    The police officer was fired for neglecting his duty.

  • fail to take care of one's own needs or well-being


    She was so busy taking care of others that she neglected herself.

  • failing to give proper attention or care to someone or something


    The teacher was neglectful of her students' needs.


Summary: neglecting in Brief

'Neglecting' [nɪˈɡlɛktɪŋ] means failing to care for something or someone properly or failing to do something that should be done. It can refer to a wide range of situations, from neglecting one's children to neglecting one's studies. Phrases like 'neglect one's duty' and 'neglect oneself' are common, as are synonyms like 'ignore' and 'disregard.'