nicely Definition

  • 1in a pleasant, attractive, or enjoyable way
  • 2in a kind or polite way
  • 3in a satisfactory or effective way

Using nicely: Examples

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  • Example

    She smiled nicely at me.

  • Example

    The flowers are arranged nicely.

  • Example

    He spoke very nicely to the children.

  • Example

    The plan is coming along nicely.

nicely Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for nicely

Antonyms for nicely

Phrases with nicely

  • play nicely

    to behave in a friendly and cooperative way


    The teacher told the children to play nicely with each other.

  • to sleep well and comfortably


    After a long day at work, I slept nicely last night.

  • to function effectively or efficiently


    The new software is working nicely and has improved our productivity.


Summary: nicely in Brief

The adverb 'nicely' [ˈnaɪsli] describes something that is done in a pleasant, attractive, or enjoyable way. It can also describe something that is done in a kind or polite way, or in a satisfactory or effective way. Examples include 'She smiled nicely at me,' and 'The plan is coming along nicely.' Phrases include 'play nicely,' 'sleep nicely,' and 'work nicely.'

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