noisy Definition

  • 1making a lot of noise; loud
  • 2full of or characterized by noise

Using noisy: Examples

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  • Example

    The party next door was too noisy.

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    The children were being very noisy in the classroom.

  • Example

    The street was noisy with traffic.

noisy Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with noisy

  • to produce sound


    Please don't make a noise while I'm on the phone.

  • harmful or annoying levels of noise, as from airplanes, industry, etc.


    The government is trying to reduce noise pollution in the city.

  • the amount of sound in a particular environment


    The noise level in the factory was so high that workers had to wear ear protection.


Summary: noisy in Brief

'Noisy' [ˈnɔɪzi] describes something that makes a lot of sound or is full of noise. It can refer to loud parties, boisterous children, or busy streets, as in 'The street was noisy with traffic.' 'Noisy' is often used with related phrases like 'make a noise,' and 'noise pollution,' which refers to harmful or annoying levels of noise, such as from airplanes or industry.

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