silent Definition

  • 1making no sound; quiet
  • 2not speaking or communicating
  • 3not expressed aloud or openly

Using silent: Examples

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  • Example

    The library was silent except for the occasional page turning.

  • Example

    She remained silent throughout the meeting.

  • Example

    His approval was given with a silent nod.

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    The silent majority did not express their opinions.

silent Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for silent

Phrases with silent

  • completely and utterly quiet, often in an eerie or unsettling way


    The forest was deadly silent, with no birds chirping or animals rustling.

  • a person who invests money in a business but does not take an active role in managing it


    He became a silent partner in the company, providing financial support but leaving the day-to-day operations to others.

  • a refusal to communicate with someone, typically as a form of punishment or protest


    After their argument, she gave him the silent treatment for days.

Origins of silent

from Old French 'silence', from Latin 'silentium'


Summary: silent in Brief

The term 'silent' [ˈsaɪlənt] denotes a lack of sound or noise, as well as a lack of communication or expression. It can describe a physical environment, such as 'The library was silent,' or a person's behavior, as in 'She remained silent throughout the meeting.' 'Silent' also encompasses phrases like 'deadly silent,' which implies an eerie quietness, and 'silent partner,' which refers to a person who invests in a business but does not manage it.

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