vocal Definition

  • 1relating to the human voice or producing sound through the voice
  • 2expressing opinions or feelings freely or loudly

Using vocal: Examples

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    She has a beautiful vocal range.

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    The singer's vocal performance was outstanding.

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    He was very vocal about his dissatisfaction with the decision.

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    The protesters were vocal in their demands for change.

vocal Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with vocal

  • two folds of tissue in the throat that vibrate to produce sound


    His vocal cords were damaged after years of smoking.

  • a small group of people who express their opinions or beliefs loudly and frequently, often in contrast to the majority


    Although they are a vocal minority, their views are often heard in the media.

  • vocal warm-up

    exercises done to prepare the voice for singing or speaking


    Before the concert, the singer did a vocal warm-up to avoid straining her voice.

Origins of vocal

from Latin 'vocalis', meaning 'of the voice'


Summary: vocal in Brief

The term 'vocal' [ˈvoʊkəl] refers to things related to the human voice or expressing opinions or feelings freely. It can describe a person's singing ability, as in 'She has a beautiful vocal range,' or their tendency to speak out, as in 'He was very vocal about his dissatisfaction.' 'Vocal' also extends into phrases like 'vocal cords,' which are responsible for producing sound, and 'vocal minority,' referring to a small group of people who express their opinions loudly.

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